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Co-founder and CTO of SciFin Technologies

Diperbarui: 21 Sep 2020

I'm leaving and back into more engineering work. Get the real stuff done as CTO of SciFin. Then let's fun begin...

SciFin is all in about High-frequency and low latency algorithmic trading. So we will do a lot of fun on the research, analytics and engineering stuff. Scientific research on finance is the core heart of our business. Analytics and Big Data is needed to process a large amount of data in short time. Engineering we need to do all of this with high quality, high frequency and low lantecy and everything that has been learned in software engineering

I always love trading, finance and economics. However my experience is more on Software Engineering, Distributed System and Big Data. That's the place where my expertise are. Having work on Petrolink, Danamon, Andal, Aksaramaya and Give me a lot of confidence that scifin is really promising and will shed a light on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and market liqudiity.

We don't have marketing team!

Just pure technical, science and programming. It's a algorithmic trading firm. Our product is our platform, infrastructure and our brain itself. I'm still need to do a lot of learning as Market Making, HFT, Dark Pools etc still new to me. Stay tune ne on my journey. One step at time! Wish me luck.

Oh btw my friend has already give me the access to videos from AWS User Group. Enjoy!

Rock On!

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