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Green Code for Green Earth

Dear CTO,

I see that sometimes you just code what the easiest way to do stuff. it's not very responsible. For sure you need do the simplest things that possibly can works, not the stupidest things that comes first to mind.

Feel free to take any shortcuts that you like, deliver working software, but at the end it's machine that crank that run your software. So it's need to be efficient. I mean. Energy Efficient. Clean Code is good. But efficient codes is what the world needs right now.

Pick the right tools for the right jobs, Don't get too attach with your beloved framework. Sometimes it gives you something more than what you need. For sure it bring so much garbage. Also your software is your responsibility. If you need the library then fine, use it.


Be responsible for it. Don't blame other peoples library, blame yourself for wanting to use it. There's no free lunch, free 💰 and free energy. It's something we pay, either with your money, your company money or your kids and grandchildren earth.

Carbon emission, global warming and lots of wasted CPU cycles for your JSON parser. Please make your code efficient will you? Efficient code, less resources, low cost, low carbon emission, faster, cheaper better safer for society. What's not to like? The only problem is are you willing to do it? Change the habbit? Or you just happy that your silly program can works.


It's not like you are a teenage kids anymore that want to use the bunch of toys without knowing the consequences. Computers is not toys we should abuse. It's scarce resources that can blindly eat your energy from your world.

Use it efficiently. If you can't then you need to pick another jobs.


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